Why Hire PaniTech Academy Talent?

Are you searching for skilled and non-traditional talent? PaniTech Academy students are lifelong and fast learners. They have built practical skills in the IT industry. Through our industry-vetted programs in different technological fields, we make it easy for you to get candidates that matched your specific requirements. Our easy-to-use website helps us to rank and match qualified candidates with the skills that your company need. They have all it takes to align with your vision.

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Diverse Profiles

We believe that perseverance, eagerness and motivation count, not the educational background or the resume of our applicants. Our students are wisely selected on their level of professionalism and expertise during different stages of our selection process. Also, we focus mainly on major skills demanded by the industry, such as complex problem solving, active listening, active learning and professional attitude. This will give you more time to focus on the company’s cultural aspect.

Why should you hire our students?

Hire our students.We Match Great Talent with Great Companies. Our students are trained with real world experience and are ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

Professional Attitude

During the training, our students are provided with a personal development program. This program offers them, new insights on their soft skills and perfects the hard-skills they learn. It will help them to expand their professional network and contribute to the way they position themselves professionally.

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Become Part of Their Growth

After the students finished their full-time intensive course at PaniTech Academy, you have the opportunity to hire a candidate for a short-term. If this person is an ideal addition to your company, you can offer them a long-term position. Our efficiency and effectiveness are deep-rooted in partnering with our clients in a highly proactive manner to offer creative solutions in the IT industry. We do not only help our clients find the right talent but advice on how to retain them. We also offer advisory services in succession planning, talent management and organizational design. Our objective is to facilitate our clients' growth by finding the right talent for them to execute on their corporate vision. Our proprietary process, full-service approach, professional staff and many years of experience allow us to respond quickly to your special needs and requirements. Hire the best talent in our organization and your company will thrive!

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