Technical Training

PaniTech Academy specialists provide personalized training and development services. We provide technical training for new and existing employees in the IT industry. Our classes include technical training for careers in help desk support, Linux system administration, front and back end web developing, and project management. Our specialists will analyze different challenges faced by technical and professional workers. This includes: 1. What has been learned recently about meeting current challenges? 2. What has been learned in the past based on experience? 3. What new developments in the field are on the horizon? That means having a robust technical and professional development program is essential if the potential for technical and professional staffs is to be realized. Many employers believe that if this type of group training is not offered in their organization, employees will leave the organization. This is why we are your go-to company for group training of employees in the IT industry.

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Professional Development

PaniTech Academy is the best option for teams and project managers with specific training to handle challenges that are affecting an entire group or department within an organization. We're also the most effective way to ensure that all your employees learn the same techniques and concepts. We offer on-site and off-site seminars and workshops which include all training materials, in all technical areas.Every year, PaniTech Academy delivers thousands of group training for our clients in the United States. Regardless of where your group training sessions are held, be rest assured that your team will get the best learning experience that’s available in the industry. Call us today for more information about our technical and personal development training services in Beltsville, Maryland.

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Team Building Training

We combine proven and realistic learning methods to create vibrant and dynamic training that accelerate employees and organization performance. Our approach centers on weaknesses and strengths to ensure that your technical workers know the connection between effectiveness and performance. Contact us today and let our skilled facilitators help your technical and professional workers who face skill obsolescence to update their knowledge and manage change. Call us for more information about our group training service.

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With technical and professional workers, it’s essential to combine technology-assisted methods (e-learning) and opportunities for planned learning both on and off the job. Technical and professional workers are more tech-savvy than those in other industries. Therefore, they need training that will help them to rely on a blended learning approach. We have a team of professionals that offers the best group training service; we guarantee maximum satisfaction.

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