Cybersecurity SOC/Analyst Program

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• Hands-On Training, Real World Scenarios

Our Cyber Security Boot Camp curriculum is full of true-to-life scenarios in order to prepare you for what’s in store with a career in IT. Including cyber security threats, best practices for winning strategies, and more, you’ll know how to protect an organization’s  technology assets in real time.

• Practical & Useful Experience

The lesson plans taught by our faculty come straight from their years of first-hand knowledge of the IT field. Learn how to apply the skills you will gain in your future career, or towards landing a higher-paying position at your present company. Either way, this interactive training will help you grow to the highest potential!

• Team Work & Group Projects

Break into teams and combine your efforts to solve real-world cyber security problems and more. Thanks to our well-planned curriculum, group exercises help foster teamwork and prepare you for departmental brainstorming and company-wide situations that may arise as an IT analyst.

 Networking With Other Students

Interacting with your fellow students is a great way to prepare for what may happen in a real-life situation. In addition, you’ll learn from your peers about their impressions of the course, as well as how they perceive the very idea of cyber security. And you’ll also gain valuable contacts for your future in IT!


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