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Our century is geared toward Technology, being an essential resource by acquiring the right skill set represent a smart choice for a bright future.

Becoming a software developer will not only guarantee you a good paying job but make you more valuable to your society since you are now account as game changer.

Invest in yourself today and expect an unbelievable return on investment, you will go from zero to hero.

What you will learn in this course?

  • You will learn how to code and build cool stuff.
  • Don't worry even if you have zero programming background, we will help you ramp up.
  • Post completion of this course will have you job ready.
  • Take advantage of the next 10 weeks to master valuable skills.


  • No prerequisite is needed for this course.

Course schedule & location


17 Lessons
3 Lessons
  • Course_Header
  • video test
  • platform_overview
  • What you need.
  • Javascript basics
  • Control Flow
  • Get Started with the browser console
  • Data Types
  • Cardio I
  • Decision Making
  • Function Intro
  • Function Anatomy
  • Object At Glance
  • Understanding the DOM
  • HTML & CSS
  • Database
  • Project details
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