Why is Security Awareness Training Important?

October 1, 2020

If you have been looking into security awareness training, you probably already have an idea of how you would like to benefit from it. With that being said, it is still a great idea to learn more about why this type of training is so important. For a few years, cybersecurity topics have been discussed extensively (more than ever before). This is because many organizations and individuals have been victims of cyberattacks. There have been hackers taking control of networks, breaching data, and demanding ransoms in return for the data and information to be returned.


Individuals and organizations need security awareness training. They need to learn about how to keep their data and information protected. The cyber-world is always changing and hackers are finding new ways to breach information all the time. If you can become more aware of security protocols and what to do to protect yourself and your organization, there will be less vulnerability to your data.

Know More for Better Protection

First and foremost, security awareness training is important because the more the user knows the better the overall security. When you start to think about security awareness training, breaches should come to your mind first. While you can’t know exactly how many breaches you can prevent with security awareness training, preventing even one is beneficial.


Taking into consideration the cost of any breach on its own could be millions to billions of dollars and many breaches could cause your organization to go bankrupt, you can see why it is so important to enroll into security awareness training.


You, your employees, and other members of your organization should take security awareness training. It is best to have as many people in your organization to protect the data as possible.

Idea of Better Safety

Many people don’t think much when they talk about breaches. They might think that it is just the information and data that gets into the wrong hands. However, breaches are often much more than that. Your organization or company could lose everything with just one breach. Every organization needs to be as secure as possible. The sooner that you and everyone in your organization realize this, the better.


It isn’t always easy to keep up-to-date on all the security protocols that the people in your organization should be following. However, if everyone can continue being trained in security awareness and remember how important security for the organization is, more protection will be there.

Many of the platforms for security awareness in this day and age talk about security culture. They talk about how security awareness can help to prevent security incidents. During these programs, you and your employees will learn the importance of security awareness right from the start. You will learn about how the metrics of your organization will progress over time, especially when staying secure.


Keeping everyone in your organization in the right mindset regarding security and data breaches can help to save a lot of money and issues in the future.

Defense for Your Organization

If you invest in a security awareness training program for yourself and your employees, you can help to build a better defense for your organization. You can help to prevent dangerous and costly breaches from this point forward. Once your employees take the training, they can give you input on what they believe needs to be done. For instance, say one of your employees noticed a suspicious email. With the way they viewed the security awareness training program, they can offer input on how to protect the organization from these types of emails.


You, your employees, and other members of your company or organization can use firewalls, software updates, security warnings, and other technology to help keep data safe and secure. By using the best technology and security software, you could be protecting your company or organization from billions of dollars’ worth of damage and data breaches.


It is important to remember that technology is constantly changing. The security software that you use is going to need updated regularly. Sometimes there is newer and better technology that you may need to provide the best security for your company or organization. After taking a security awareness training program, you will learn about how often you should update your company or organization’s security protocols.

Getting More Customers

If you can show customers that your company or organization is secure when they are making payments or with their data, you will likely gain more customers. If you work with higher profile customers or clients, the security that you offer is even more important. These types of clients aren’t likely to consider your company or organization if you don’t have the best security technology, software, and protocols in place. This is why some government agencies require their employees to be CompTIA security+ certified.


While you won’t want to implement a security awareness training program for everyone in your organization for just compliance reasons, this is important. There are hackers everywhere around the world and they are getting through some of the toughest security walls. This is why it is required for some industries to have security awareness training for all of their employees. The employees need to be conscious that the threats are out there. They need to know how to keep the organization or company as secure as they can. Healthcare, financial, and energy sectors are some of those that require security awareness training.

Learning About Tactics by Social Engineers

There are many tactics that social engineers (hackers) use to manipulate organizations and companies into giving up their data. It is important that all employees or other members of the organization who may use the system are aware of these tactics. Some of the tactics that social engineers use to trick people into revealing important information include the follow:

  • Pretexting – Most of these messages request the person to give up more information to verify their identity. This gives the hackers personal information they need to gain access to accounts.
  • Phishing – These are fake emails (simulating an actual company) that attempt to get people to give up their personal information.
  • Quid Pro Quo – With these messages, the hacker usually offers a service in exchange for information or data. For instance, they might offer social security cards after you enter your social security number, name, birthdate, address, etc.
  • Baiting – These messages offer something in exchange for information. For example, the hacker might offer free music downloads for an email, address, and phone number.
  • Tailgating – This occurs when the hacker is physically in your location. They may ask you to hold the door while they carry in something.

These are just some of the tactics that are often used by social engineers (hackers). It is important that you and your employees know all these tactics and the various situations where they can occur.


The more that everyone in your organization or company knows about security awareness, especially regarding these tactics, the more empowered everyone will be.

Types of Security Awareness Certification or Training That Can Be Taken

You and your employees can take a wide range of different types of certification or training. Some of the options you have at your disposal include the following:

  • CompTIA+ Security Training – This globally used certification allows validation of IT security skills and knowledge.
  • Penetration Testing – This allows someone to authorize a fake cyberattack to see how secure the system is.
  • Cryptography – This is the study and practice of secure communication techniques.
  • Incident Response – This helps to reduce the damage if an attack does happen.
  • Security Analyst – This can teach your employees how to protect important data on your organization’s computer and network systems.
  • Risk Management – This helps the user learn to identify, assess, and control threats or attacks to the organization.

Having your employees take various security awareness certifications or training is important. It helps to keep your entire organization more secure.


It is important to remember that security awareness training isn’t something that should just be taken once. There is a constant change in the ways that hackers are breaching data. Organization employees, managers, and other members need to keep learning new ways to keep the data safe.


Cyberattacks won’t ever go away completely. However, the more your organization or company does regarding security awareness, the less of a chance there will be for a breach.


If you are interested in getting security awareness training for your organization, be sure to make some calls today. You can find multiple different types of training options to help keep things secure on your systems and network. You can get these training options for you, your employees, and other members of your organization.


Keep in mind that everyone in your organization may need to take more than one type of security awareness training program. In addition, the people in your organization that deal with more sensitive information might need to take specific training programs dealing with this type of data.

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