10 Reasons Why You Should Switch To IT

October 27, 2020

The rising number of applications, web development, and data security has created a surge in the information technology industry. Organizations are scrambling to fill jobs and to compete for top talent, and many positions go vacant for months. Are you on the fence about whether this is a promising and stable career? Consider the following reasons that make this field enticing:

1. Job Prospects Are Excellent

Digital transformation, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, big data, app development-these growing trends are colliding to create a major challenge for companies. Technology such as machine learning and automation will help solve some of the problems organizations face in protecting their data and infrastructure, but humans will not be replaced any time soon.

2. The Pay Is Good

While the salary often depends on the employer’s sector, IT salaries overall will grow 7 percent this year. That’s more than double compared to all occupations across the United States.

3. The Upward Mobility Is Good 

If you have a knack for managing and you are not afraid to polish your communication and people skills, you will find good prospects for climbing the ladder. Although, you will have to pay your dues-- years of working in the field, getting all the right certifications— but the good news is that the demand is growing for senior roles as much as it’s for front-line specialists.

4. It’s Not Just for Nerds

Information technology has numerous specializations. The roles branch out from ethical hacking and digital forensics into risk management and governance. You need technical knowledge for all of them but you can succeed in this career even if you enter from a field outside of IT.

5. The Job Is Highly Portable

The demand for this job is good across the world. You may even be able to work remotely, if you are dreaming of the life of a digital nomad.




6. You’ll Always Be Learning Something New

Love to constantly learn new things? You will be doing that constantly on this job. Because the ecosystem is changing all the time and new technologies are emerging, the jobs will evolve with it and your skills will need to adapt.

7. Work in Any Sector

If you grew up dreaming of some other kind of cool career such as making movies, flying into space or saving polar bears, you could still contribute to those fields or many others by working in information technology. With a few other exceptions, not many other careers can lead to jobs in practically any sector.

8. Get a Highly Satisfying Job

Besides compensation, factors contributing to high job satisfaction included incentives for career advancement and the business management’s commitment to IT.

9. You’ll be Doing Something Good

The salary is a perk in itself, but many people are attracted to this profession because they feel they are doing something for the greater good.  

10. There’s Lots of Entry-Level Work

One of the entry-level jobs that many people land, information technology, is practically guaranteed to keep you employed. 

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